Beach Walk 509 – Generosity and the Mint Lady

I am delighted to share with you, Theresa, the mint lady.

She is an example of simple generosity, and I offer up her story not to be pressure you into anything, but simply to remind myself of this type of sweet, detached kindness. I met her at the Podcast and New Media Expo at the Ontario Convention Center.

Hawaiian Word:
Lokomaikai: generosity, kindness

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  1. hey you! Your vidcast helped me stay focused and positive. Mighty J is struggling a little and at times we can get a little doubtful. However, just listening to you makes me feel close to you and that’s why I absolutely love you because you are so open and our connection is stellar. I am sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I do think of you often. Hope all is well, thank you for uplifting me.

  2. I remember her. I didn’t happen to ask for mints but kindness can be infectious. Change to the world doesn’t happen through big events as much as little acts of kindness like this that make people “pay it forward.” Like the movie of that name years ago.

  3. …love the walk through the park and the kindness theme – I’m taking a 3 minute break and watching/listening to you on my iPod and all this work around me just sort of melts into what it really is, just work.

    Mahalo as always,

  4. @Mai – Hey Girl! Mahalo for stopping by and you know you are always welcome – in front of the camera or in the comments or whatever. Mighty J is too cool, too much loved to let a few locals get in the way. Hang in there. This is not over yet.

    @Phillip – yes, kindness is infectious. I really want to spotlight her without the usual motivational speaker hype that we should all be like her.

    @JFSD – me thinks your work will be all the bettah for you taking a break. I myself am off for a massage now. :-)