Beach Walk 508 – Behind the Scenes, at Viral

Today’s episode is a cross-post from a review of Beach Walks, done by Sunny Gault over at

We just love what they did, so we are delivering it direct to you! Plus, we’ve had people ask us so often, how do we do this. Now, for the first time, you get to see Secret Cameraman walking backwards!

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Hope: behind

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  1. …congrats! What a fun video!

    I’m always amazed how straight you and Shane get the horizon line on the video – maybe it’s the weight of the tripod. I love behind the scenes stuff – mahalo (as always)…


  2. Yeah! Good job all. Hey Shane, I don’t see any rear view mirror mounted on that camera – maybe you use the refection in Rox’s glasses? :)

    Now all we need are some deleted scenes and bloopers and we’ll be set. (although I know there aren’t really any – what we see is what we get, right?)


  3. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this. Loved seeing Shane in action, and Roxy reflecting on Beach Walks.

  4. @peter: You’re pretty much right. I turn on the camera. Rox talks. I turn off the camera. Pretty sweet deal compared to how long I hear it takes other shows to shoot. Without Rox being a “one take wonder” we really couldn’t put out a daily show.

    @Jonnie: I pretty much concentrate on 2 things: 1) Keeping Rox in 1/3 of the frame and 2) the horizon line. We’ve had people that we knew walking in the background and I didn’t even realize they were there until after we were done shooting.

    @Shaina: Much Mahalo and Aloha to you and Richard and the kids.

  5. That was really a good show to show it all off.

  6. I love behind the scenes stuff too. I like the episode where Rox showed the video gear you use and finally we get to see how masterfully Shane backpedals on the sand. Shane doesn’t fall and Rox always does one take. You two should do movies it would take a day to film.

  7. Viral Underground does some great shows; it’s about time they highlighted Beachwalks! Maybe next time they’ll come out to Hawaii for the firsthand skinny, eh?