Beach Walk 505 – Three Many Good Things

Be in Touch!


  1. ALOHA Friday!

  2. How doubly comforting you are today Rox. Been out on the road doing our show and having just uploaded the new one, decided to celebrate by catching up with you. Thanks for the aloha Friday reminders to let it all go and to breathe in & breathe out. And am happy that you have options that excite you!

  3. hi! thanks for your show. i love it, and you and your dog!

  4. On Aloha Fridays I, too, focus on the concept of breathe in-breathe out…as well as remembering Will’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. And it works on the other days of the week when my #2 monkey brain tries to take over ^_^

  5. I love you all. Mahalo for your comments. Check out David’s and Pepa’s shows folks – click on their names to go to their web sites. I’ll be sneaking a photo of Peter onto a BW episode one of these days – we finally met in person recently!

    Luci, that Shakespeare dude had quite the insights – “much ado…” goes great with aloha friday!