Beach Walk 503 – Happiness is not stupid

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  1. Welcome home Roxanne & SCM!

    It’s great to have you both back at the beach. And Lexi’s leaps into the surf seem to show an extra spurt of hau’oli that she can play with you again…I know she’s missed you as much as we have!!!

    Malama pono.

  2. Hey Rox – I too am guilty of not living in the sports world. In fact, I often wonder about what it is that gets people so involved in a game and always think to myself – why don’t they just check the score at the end to find out who won and save them allot of time and energy and worry. Well, obviously its not about the score, people love watching the process of whatever sport they are into which I’m sure is what gave this guy his happiness for 6 mos. I hope after doing the interview and hearing himself, he was able to see what was wrong in that picture.

    I agree – its all about the process.