Beach Walk 501 – Meet the Podcasters

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  1. Hello Rox,
    I see you’re enjoying yourself in Ontario – refreshing old friendships, establishing new friendships, and otherwise expanding the videoblog universe. . .

    It also dawned on me that you’re in California and not Canada. . . I wondered how in the world I would come to that conclusion? When I read you description of being on the road for a bit , I realized that CA is both our state abbreviation for California and also the top level domain for Canada. . . .

    Have a safe trip home and chat with you later…

    Until that time. . . aloha y’all. . . Earl J.

  2. It was so nice to meet you at the Podcast & New Media Expo in Ontario. I enjoy your site so much because you’re so inspirational.

    I taped some footage at the Convention Center Saturday and you’re in it. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my vlog. Linda

  3. @ Linda – mahalo for stopping by and speaking up at the convention! Post your link when you have your video up and we’ll add it to our video blogroll too.

    @ Earl – yes, lots ‘o people get confused on the Ontario thing. Next year the convention is in “Vegas” though, so presumably less confusion!

  4. It was great seeing you and secret camera man at the convention. When you get a chance send me some of the pictures from the convention.

  5. @ Phillip – I didn’t take that many but they are posted on the Beach Walks Flickr page.


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