Beach Walk 500 – Balancing Me & We

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  1. Congratulations!
    Here’s to the next 500 🙂
    The selfishness balance is never far from my mind here, and I’m pretty far from doing my share for my community. In fact, instead of staying, I find myself planning a move 7000 miles away to a small town where people seem to have that ‘extra time, energy or bandwidth’ to give back to the community. Often hard to motivate yourself in a big city when everybody else seems so busy, closed and apathetic – apathy & selfishness can be osmotic. Got to toughen my membrane and not let the bad stuff seep in, and instead let the good stuff seep out!

  2. @ Rupert – Thanks! I certainly expect to be seeing you and your family over here just as soon as you get settled in your west coast home.

    I think actually part of community is that sometimes others pick up the load while individuals work on their own stuff. In the ideal sense, there is a flow taking place there – some communities seem to support it more than others, and I am trying to observe what facilitates that.

    I think communities where individuals guilt others into participating are not as successful. And given by default we are each members of several communities, we can’t be the “go to” person for all of them.

    I do really like your idea of letting the good seep out instead of vice versa!

  3. WOW 500! for all of us that have been watching from nearly the beginning that is a huge milestone. Thank you for all your time and effort that you put into you show. Hope to see you tomorrow at the Podcamp!

  4. Wonderful show and thoughts, Sweetie.

    What is it with me being off island on the big “milestones?”

    Congratulations to you and us! I know how much time and energy it takes for you to come up with new ideas 5 days a week. And I continue to be amazed at your ability to do so!

    Much Love!

  5. I used to listen to a podcast called Small Town Maui – they talked about larger issues related to quality of life and infrastructure in Maui County. I thought it was very unique.

    We have some of that in this eclectic neighborhood I live in here in San Diego, and some very active neighbors. However my energy had dropped and I seem more focused on work and home life.

    I see people do what I do, plus have kids, etc and still do volunteer work, etc. Maybe they manage their time better – I haven’t figured it out other than the difference in people.

    How do you say 500 in Hawaiian?

    Congrats – excellent show.

    Jonnie from San Diego…

  6. Congratulations!

    Thanks for all you’ve (you, Secret & Lex)done for all of us. Now, on to 1,000!

  7. Congrats on 500 ! You bring us all a bit of “Aloha” each day!
    Mahalo! 🙂

  8. ALOHA! I discovered “your channel” on youtube…Gotta say, I am impressed. When my husband and I visited Kauai (Hanalei Bay) this past April (2007)…the beaches there WERE beautiful! It must be because you are so CONSCIENTIOUS…mahalo! Also, Lexi is a BEAUTIFUL dog 🙂