Beach Walk 499 – Visualize Your World

Great inspiration for a Monday!

Meet my guests Marliss and Steve Jensen of Minneapolis, MN. They are both artists, and both consciously visualize the world they want to live in. And you get a chance to learn a little about the Hawaiian state fish: Humuhumnukukuapuaʻa.

Update: Marliss and Steve have launched their new web site! Please check it out:

Hawaiian Word:
Kuhi: imagine
Hana noʻeau: art

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    The next show is the big 500!!! WOW — Congrats Rox and I’m looking forward to tuning in. Meanwhile, Marliss and Steve – really nice that you joined Rox and Lexi on this beachwalks episode; you did a GREAT job and appreciate your upbeat banter. I hope you both enjoy the rest of your relaxing trip with your family. Aloha to all!

  2. I am visualizing myself walking the beach on the show with Shane and Rox… visualizing… visualizing… ok not happening yet but it will!


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