Beach Walk 497 – Na Wahine O Ke Kai

Several of my girlfriends are paddling this weekend the 41 miles from the island of Molokai to the island of Oʻahu.

It is definitely an amazing race, 5.5 to 7.5 hours depending on your crew and the luck of the winds and surf. Big hugs to all of you! Mahalo to Carl Woerle and the Puakea Foundation for some awesome pictures of previous year’s races. (Yours truly Rox can even be found if you look hard.)

Puakea Foundation
Mindy Clark
Lanikai Canoe Club
Na Wahine O Ke Kai

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Hawaiian Word:
Wahine: woman
O Ke Kai: of the sea

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  1. Outstanding insite and words of wisdom to absorb and contimplate…….very refreshing show that brings a tropical flare to us Canadians……one question,exactly where are the shows recorded as i will be spending the month of february in Wiakiki and think that beach location is Heaven on Earth……..thanks so much and have bookmarked this site and look forward to the daily shows

  2. We are on the Windward shore of Oʻahu – Kailua, Lanikai. The bus comes right to the beach.

  3. Good Luck to all the Wahine this weekend!!

    Great photos and inserts on this episode.

  4. Aloha y’all. . .
    My uncle Ed Coelho was the maintenance supervisor for the Kailua Boy’s Home (teen-age prison) in Lanikai. . . I spent a few summers there with the Coelhos right next to boys home. Is it still around? They left Hawaii for California in 1959. Brought me to the “mainland” when I graduated in 1966.
    – – – – –
    Speaking of NaWahineOKeKai, the whaling spree in Lahaina on Maui comes around in OCT each year (if they still celebrate the occasion). It used to last a week. One of the early events is a surfboard race across the channel between Lanai and Maui.
    Just came from the site – whaling spree is no more – toned down to a welcome the whales tour with dolphin hunts. . . (sigh).

    Aloha y’all. . . Earl J.

  5. As a windsurfer (I’ve sailed Maui) this crossing is awesome. Changing winds and swells, gotta search for those old vhs tapes I have of the footage.

  6. Rox, it was great to see your interview with Mindy! She is amazing and truly inspirational. I have raced against her and with her and her spirit is so motivating. She is the reason that I have a “blog”! Thanks for having her on your show!
    I love checking in to catch the “Aloha” spirit!

    Mahalo to you!

  7. I was with the Wahine in spirit during their crossing! Great pics and description of the race!

  8. Hi Marliss,
    Just happened across your site off of youtube.
    I live in SC but I spent the better part of 2005 and 2006 in Hawaii. Absolutely loved it. I miss it so much. Thanks for letting me peek at some of the beautiful beaches that are burned in my memory. I will be watching often.
    Aloha, Bobbie Baer


  1. […] generous. You also get to meet Mindy Clark again, whose crew just finished 10th out of 85 at the Na Wahine O Ke Kai canoe […]