Beach Walk 496 – Yin-Yang, Happy-Cranky

A little sneak peek into my relationship with Secret Cameraman!

Though we are a little water and fire, it turns out to be a good mix after all. Part of me thinks I want him to be more like me, but that goes against the balance of nature perhaps.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli: happy
ʻAʻaka: cranky

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  1. Secret Cameraman! Good to see you!

    Rox and SC – right with you. Funny you should bring this up, because just last night, my lovely wife gave me an appraisal on how grumpy I was yesterday. I said “Funny – everyone was REALLY nice to me. Really nice.”

    Everyone’s looking for balance, eh?

    Go slow.

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Creative brain/Shane = left side of brain
    Science brain/Rox = right side of brain
    Canine brain/Lexi = wagging tail agreeable to all

    Princess brain = cats. Enough said.

  3. You know, that’s a really cool idea… and I agree entirely with SCM, though I have nothing against unicorns.

    Without the downs there’d be no ups, it would all just be flat.

  4. Perhaps the ultimate goal is detachment?

    Thank you so much, Rox. This message couldn’t have come at a better time for me when I’m in the midst of meeting many new people.


  5. @ Maad Gringo and Kekoa – this is the most common recurring theme on Beach Walks – the synchronicity of timing and shared experiences in life. I love it!

    @ Susan – LOL – and surely you know about

    @ Vu Bui – I have nothing against unicorns either; I think they are related to my Capricorn goat somehow.

  6. Sometimes I feel like I’m always the cranky one. Especially when it comes to working.

    It nice to have someone else reasure me that other people have the same obstacles as I do.

  7. @ Susan…you’ve got it nailed!!!!

    Roxy and SCM…ah, yes, that old yin-yang “stuff”. I have a small poster above my desk that my sweet hubby (dreamer) gave me (doer). Although the language is kind of 60-ish, it’s still resonates when I feel the cranks comin’ on:

    “I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I. And if by chance we find each other…it’s BEAUTIFUL!

    Malama pono ^_^

  8. Aloha y’all,

    my friends used to accuse me of being wishy-washy. I would adamantly reply, “I am NOT wishy-washy!” After pondering why they would say that about me in the first place for a second or two, I would admit sheepishly that perhaps I might be wishy-washy sometimes; but not always!
    * * *
    The universe is binary, don’t you know?
    Light and dark; up and down; hot and cold; wet and dry; male and female; above and below; good and evil; off and on; and happy and sad. . .
    In fact, Eve has been rumored to be the first computer programmer. No one has been able to determine whether she used an Apple or a Wang (a real computer company from the old days – 1951 – I’m not making this up).

    [I’ll understand completely if this comment hits the cutting room floor.]

    Aloha y’all. . . Earl J.

  9. @EarlJ

    I not only remember the Wang, I used to work on one!

  10. @EarlJ – I taught myself to program computers over 20 years ago while still in high school, before there were Macs and Windoze. I used to think in black/white, 1/0, true/false, yes/no, yadda/adday…

    But the creative in me tended to see all the colors and gradations.

    What I’ve learned over the past 7-8 years, mostly with Rox’s help, is that there is rarely a right or wrong way. One of her favorite sayings is, “There is an absolute criteria for nothing.”

    And while I still use the logic of 1’s and 0’s when I’m programming, I’ve learned to find comfort and excitement in all the various gradations that almost every situation has to offer.

    But don’t tell Rox I said that. 😉

  11. Hello Luci, Shane,
    I thought for sure that the Eve joke would get me busted off the self-post list, for sure. . . it was a little racy, I thought – I wrestled with it for quite a while, but as y’all have mentioned here during this thread, a person has to stay true to his/her nature (grin).
    I’m not sure about absolute criteria – but there are certainly universal criteria, I believe: a sincere assist of someone less fortunate; a kind word or gesture of friendliness; and a genuine smile to name a few. . .
    – – – – –
    I also figured out that you have two sites that appear identical – I went to the site and wondered what happened to the thread; then realized it is different from – dhoh!
    – – – – –
    I also told the blip guys for forget about the video – they said it was an encoding problem. They appeared to fix it, but the video jumps through the minute and a half clip (sigh).
    So I went looking for another hosting site. . .
    two others would let me make accounts, but not load any video until they sent me a confirmation email – that was 6 hours ago, I’m still waiting on either of them to come through (sigh). . .
    – – – – –
    Story of my life – the things I don’t know, I’m completely oblivious to; the things I do know well enough, I can’t seem to get competent assistance, or some glitch appears that no one else experiences. . . (geeez)
    – – – – –
    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond.

    Until that time. . .aloha y’all. . . Earl J.

  12. oh, i forgot. . .
    i reloaded the video on the blip site after the techies “fixed” the coding problem; the second video is white as well… their only chance to make a good impression sunk to the bottom of the mariana trench;
    then again, nothing free is ever worth the price
    until that time . . . earl j.

  13. A more recent site:

    Maui boy Herman does his best to win the heart of Susie Darlin in Wayne Moniz’ light-hearted play Hibiscus Pomade—one of Three Plays in Moniz’ new book.

    Image that, Susie Darlin ! – it’s destiny that you two should meet. . . for creative reasons, it’s inevitable … final encouragement from me. I just think two creative types like you two should probably meet at least once to talk story about all stuff Hawaii. . .

    – – – – –
    I sent him the website, so he’ll come and see what I’ve done to encourage your meeting – oh, my, I’m in deep kim-chee now. . . (grin)

    Aloha y’all. . . Earl J.