Beach Walk 494 – In Favor of Access

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  1. The spirit of Aloha!

    I agree – give beach access but be good stewards.

    Watch more sunsets.

  2. Rox:

    thank you for responding to my message so quickly. It is definitely more fun, when your blog becomes interactive. Looking forward to new episodes.

    Best of luck in all you do!


  1. […] Some urges are so irresistible…but that doesn’t mean they are going to produce the effective results! Two examples come to mind today. One is the controversy over at Gawker Media (which I also blogged about on our Bare Feet Studios web site) requiring employees to set up profiles at Facebook. The other is our situation here in Kailua where a group of homeowners on L’Orange Place have gated the beach access. There are a lot of strong opinions on the matter, most of them strongly in favor of finding a way to preserve beach access. You can find the back story in this in Beach Walk #494. […]