Beach Walk 492 – SuperFerry, Super Sad

As you know I rarely take on controversial issues. So I approach our local SuperFerry issue very sadly.

I am not prepared to take a side just yet, though I am prepared to say that I was looking very forward to riding it. But it appears our fellow Hawaiians on the neighbor islands do not want it, or us from Oʻahu visiting their island. I understand some of it as I have been reading about it, though it took me by surprise. I would prefer that people talk it out instead of politic it – and that is how I see it for now. There will be a lot of hurt feelings and ill will created before this gets resolved.

Hawaiian Word:
hoʻokaumaha: to cause sadness

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  1. I’ve been getting caught up in the blow-by-blow, reading, asking questions and posting my thoughts about the subject.

    Your tax dollars used in harbor improvements, the relationship of the loan guarantees and HSF (Hawaii Superferry), why and how these mammoth, cutting edge boats from Austal USA ended up in Hawaii certainly has me curious.

    I was born the same year Hawaii became a state and it’s population has over doubled in my lifetime. Did anyone not think all these people would not affect the islands?

    I have to wonder if, and for some, the Superferry represents all the negative changes Hawaii has experienced. And if those who feel the pain of those changes could just stop the Superferry, maybe they would feel they were doing the right thing in protecting their home. What is sad is the dividing of the people; you’ve got Hawaiian against Hawaiian (natural born and resident) – that is something I don’t (or didn’t) associate with Aloha.

    Hawaii and her people continue to fascinate me.

    Mahalo for going out of your comfort zone with this episode.

  2. @JFSD – I think your observation is accurate for some. People feel powerless in many respects these days, and being able to focus on something like the ferry? Maybe that helps. The thing is, the ferry is mostly going to be used by the locals, not the tourists or outsiders.

    It is getting crowded here. But who gets to decide who is not welcome? It’s a very difficult situation.

  3. There are so many issues in play here on this topic – a good example of many things in life. A lot of people are saying they don’t want the ferry, yet are using the EIS as a tactic. The SF would have been savvy to do it without being required – knowing the culture here. But it begs the questions – is an EIS just a ruse for other motives?

    Yes, the waters are teeming with whales. And the ferry is the only boat transport to have an alternate route out of the way during the whale season. It may be useful to remember that whales are not helpless – they are capable of sonar navigation across hundreds of miles.

    I trust whales to be smart enough to know a boat is coming – I am more concerned about military use of sonar in the water