Beach Walk 489 – Divine Freedom

The title of this episode is also the title of a book by Dennis Allen, 20-year beach walker in Lanikai.

I finally met Dennis “formally” last week, and then my friend Pauline told me about his writing. Like many, he didn’t think he really had much to say on Beach Walks. But I reminded him how curious you are about those of us living in this place – Hawaii. We are like normal people everywhere else, shifted about five degrees in the direction of Aloha, remembering every day “lucky we live Hawaiʻi. I think you will like his story.

You can find Dennis’ book here.

Hawaiian Word:
Akua: divine
Kūʻokoʻa: freedom

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  1. …doesn’t look like the book is currently in print, however there are a couple of used ones from the link.

    My faveorite thing is when I find beauty and health in the sun and the land (and the sea, when it’s not cold)… 😉

    I almost forget about polio until I get a reminder. I’ve known 3 people in my life with it and am hoping someday it will be no more.

    Nice show, thanks!


    Hey Cousin! I always have you in my thoughts…I have been looking for a copy of your book every where…will never give up looking though! Love Ya!