Beach Walk 488 – Competition and Consiousness

Fresh off a strenuous paddle in the outrigger canoe, I am thinking about the upside and pleasures of competition – how we merge our energies to paddle harder and go faster – and how much fun that is!

I was also fascinated watching the little kids (Shane’s family and Kaile) playing with me in the water the other day. I would ask, “Who wants to ride on the boogie board?” Someone would scream “I do!” – more to be first in line for attention, I thought, not so much about the boogie boarding. But then the others would immediately chime in – not wanting to be left out. Interesting how they supported each other in getting past the fear of being on the board out in the deeper water that way.

More talk about hard drive sizes, especially the expanding capacity of our conscious brains! And mahalo nui to Mindy of for the wonderful pink rash guard!

Hawaiian Word:
Huihui: mix, together

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  1. Aloha,

    I liked your comments about using an existing thought (pre-conceived) to rubber-stamp a perception of a new experience. Ditto on the competition (painting it negative), probably for me it is because of childhood experiences of sitting on the bench, or not being picked on a team, and I held/hold on to those perceptions emotionally instead of sorting them out logically. Time to move forward – thanks for the reminder! ;-)

    Love, love, love the new iPod stuff.

  2. Pink looks good on you! Will be in Hawaii for the Molo race in a few weeks don’t know how long i can stay after. However i will be at the podcast expo so if you need anything while in California let me know. Rides, someone to workout with, bring your nikeplus or just hang out.

  3. @JFSD – yes, those childhood experiences have a way of lingering…

    @Mindy – what can I do for you for Molo? I sure hope we get a chance to paddle together. I’ll call!

  4. Rox – I so enjoy and agree with your ability to always re-visit topics/issues/subjects and being open to changing what you currently believe. I think thats one of our most important “duties” while we are here. Its all about learning and changing.

    Of course no surprises from how Beachwalks seems to always validate my thoughts and ideas…..but I had to laugh when you brought up the comparison of how advances in technology seem to be inline with advances in the human conscienousness. I come across that thought so often.

    BTW – I think we all were surprised in the price drop of iPhones so soon and although I still had no regrets of buying when I did (that in itself was a priceless experence), its so great to see a company volutentarly giving money back to its loyal customers. I think this too can relate back to the human conscience of how much open we are becoming to sharing/helping others, even when there is ‘requirement” to do so.