Beach Walk 485 – Clear Your Cache Day

Those files stored on our computers are just like thoughts about ourselves stored in the brain.

They were put there initially to help out, but over time, they get out of date and really are suited for the trash!

Sarong by MadGringo

Hawaiian Word:
Ahu hoʻokoe: cache, as in computer program

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  1. Just a hugh thank you to those of you who took the time to send me prayers/ healing thoughts and your energies to me while I was in the hospital. I got home last night and am just getting caught up with Beach Walks and emails. I’m still weak and kind of draging but suppose that is to be expected but am certainly on the mend. Once again, thank you all for taking the time to pray for and just think about me. It truley ment the world to me. Richard

  2. So nice to know that you’re home and doing better, Dad.

    We have, hands down, the most kind, considerate, and thoughtful viewers of ANY show on the Internet.

    I echo my Dad’s sentiments. Much Mahalo to everyone who commented and to all the emails we received in support of my Dad.

    Much Love and Aloha!

  3. woah i wonder about the real life cache… as nice as it sounds, i would only want to clear like the ‘bad food i ate today’ cache– the rest seems to contribute to the whole life lessons and experience thing.

    love the vids rox! nice to meet u on tuesday 🙂


  4. Glad Shane’s Pop is doing better! 🙂

    If ever there was a time to clear my brain’s cache, that would be now.

    It’s Sunday night and I’m getting wound up about going into work tomorrow (typical work nonsense), and I know tomorrow is a Holiday and we have the day off! Crazy… Guess you can call me Patsy!

    Aloha all!

  5. @Rich – boy are we glad to see you home and back with Beach Walks! Which reminds me – are any of you with the cable industry/hospital industry? Several people have mentioned that airing BW on the hospital TV would be a great picker upper. I don’t know quite where to begin on that one.

    @cw: yes, of course, no need to toss out the good stuff, and, even many of my “favorites” become irrelevant after a few years. maybe a new episode on “learn first, then toss.”

    @JFSD: work isn’t all or nothing remember. I guess there is something “bigger” that calls you in to the office!

  6. Rox, thank you so much for this. I had a horrible first training day yesterday with Weight Watchers (I’m becoming a receptionist there to help my home mtg which would have to close otherwise). I was shocked and dismayed to hear the self-talk that people were giving themselves over tenths of a pound on the scale. There was some serious cache stuff going on.

    After watching a couple episodes of beachwalks, I feel much better.