Beach Walk 482 – Even land is fluid

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Thoughts and prayers are sent to SC’s Dad, Richard, for a speedy recovery. There is a saying to “run to the roar” — a large, elderly lion may sound intimidating, but up close, he has no teeth and the ‘roar’ is all that is left! Life can deal some unknowns along the way, but many times it turns out to be like that old lion — the unknown can be harder to deal with vs. proceeding forth with confidence in all things.

    Fascinating seeing the changed land from that photo, Rox. Thanks for your continued inspiring thoughts each day!

  2. sending my positive/healing thoughts/energies to Richard.

  3. Postive energy for SC’s Pop!

  4. Mahalo Nui, everyone. He’s still in the hospital and will be undergoing more tests tomorrow. Hope to hear that he’s heading home tomorrow afternoon.

  5. Dear SCM – good thoughts and prayers for your dad’s recovery!