Beach Walk 478 – Fred’s Fishing Tips

My nephew Jordan is visiting and has wanted to learn how to use a Hawaiian sling.

If you watch Survivor you already know what a great fishing tool that can be! In perfect Beach Walks fashion, we came upon two “professional” fishermen, Fred and Gary, who agreed to talk story with us and share tips for finding octopus, which Jordan loves to eat. Today’s episode is a fun slice of “lucky we live Hawaii” life. So glad you can join us!

Beach Walks Nominated for Podcast Awards
Lucky us – we have been nominated as one of the best Travel Podcasts for the Annual Podcast Awards, with over 4000 nominations!!! Now we wait.

Hawaiian Word:
Lawaiʻa: fishing

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  1. You can walk here in the city and everyone has a serious look, dressed in dark, serious colors and generally not smiling a lot.

    In this episode, you all go to the beach, easily get strangers to share some fishing tips, and all of you laugh and smile – you can really feel the fun of the moment come through the video.

    What a wonderful place Hawaii is; land, people and spirit.


  2. @JFSD: It’s true. After living here almost 5 years, I keep wondering when all this “Live Aloha” stuff will stop and people will start acting like they do everywhere else…?

    I don’t think it’s going to happen. 🙂

  3. Hawai’i is a special place, no question about that.

    Great episode, a real slice of life.
    …and don’t look toward the microphone! Haha