Beach Walk 476 – Radical Acceptance

There are so many things that are “known” or for which we have data, and yet, it is difficult to let them be real in our lives.

We carry with us legacy beliefs, legacy feelings, and legacy behaviors, that can be very hard to update in real time! Hey, maybe just for today, we can let some of these things weight in and be real for us.

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Beach Walks Nominated for Podcast Awards
Lucky us – we have been nominated as one of the best Travel Podcasts for the Annual Podcast Awards, with over 4000 nominations!!! Now we wait.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻ: to accept

Be in Touch!


  1. I try and stay open to the idea of life existing off-world. I don’t think the planet is ready for it (life outside this planet); certainly there are individuals who are, but probably mosts folks would be overwhelmed.

    Maybe when we demonstrate we no longer go to war, we value all living things including protecting and preserving it, then we can move forward.

    And let’s don’t forget those hugs!

    Mahalo for another great video podcast.


  2. I am loving the sound of the ocean and just being in Hawaii with you. Nevetheless, the Radical thing is just getting too much for me. Just my opinion. Why is everything so radical in the last week or so?

  3. Rox, the Hawaiian word isn’t showing up. Just says ‘.

    Anyway, interesting angle you took this time. That’s a good point. I would venture to guess that 95% of people are not ready to accept that ETs exist. This whole video reminds me of a proverb I heard once that goes something like: “we think within a shell in the midst of reality. when we grow, the shell grows, but we never see all of reality.”