Beach Walk 474 – Radical Responsibility

Mahalo nui for all of your good wishes!

Hurricane Flossie fizzled thanks in large part to the many Beach Walks viewers and all of you who listen to and watch our Hawaii shows like Doctor Trey, 808Talk, Geek News Central and the original Ryan Ozawa who is now live streaming.

Today’s episode contains another Rox take on the 80-20 rule – being the first to step up to the plate and take responsibility for my part in a troublesome situation, even if my part is only 20% (or even 1%!) of the problem. It’s so easy to want the majority shareholder to act first. But it’s actually easier to own a little bit of the fault I think, and it gets the process of reconciliation started sooner. It doesn’t relieve the other party of their responsibility however it does make it easier IMO for them to come forward and claim it.

Thanks to my friend Ava for forwarding an email to me on this topic from Paul and Layne.

You Beach Walks viewers are gutsy…let me know how this works out for you.

Hawaiian Word:
Pilikina: personal

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  1. Thanks for persevering in the midst of technical difficulties.

    First, Tech question:
    I’m using an embedded Blip.TV player, too. How are you getting the additional formats under the video?

    Fun stuff:
    It’s very true about the 20/80 rule in relation to responsibility. Connecting that to subjective reality, you could say that by healing yourself, you are actually healing the other person as well. I’ve noticed that when I focus more on the positive aspects of others, their positive aspects seem to grow or improve over time.

    What a funny universe.

  2. Dan Bailes says

    I’m glad secret cameraman is back and doing his great backwards thing. It really makes the show
    float in its own unique ambiance. So we can ponder you, your words and environment all at the same time. Not to mention the intrepid Lexi and her lovely ocean romps.

  3. @Kekoa – we encode multiple version on the local computer then upload them all to blip. You’ll see the option to add an additional format. We’ve been experimenting with the Elgato Turbo – a few problems being reported so mahalo to all of you for your patience, and please keep sending in the bug reports!

    I too have noticed that this type of kindness you mention really works. People rise to the positive expectations.

    @Dan – Glad you are enjoying the shows again. For so long SC did not think he was contributing to the show. Your comments have helped him see the value he brings.

  4. Thanks, Rox!

  5. I LOVE this concept of personal responsibility. I guess it’s just the way I was taught as a child. I’m the first to take responsibility for anything I’ve caused because it presents an opportunity to possibly correct your own mistakes. People don’t realize that mistakes and bad judgement will always happen but that’s just a part of risk. People must take risks to get big gains.