Beach Walk 473 – Help Flossie Head South

Hurricane Flossie is headed our way, and when we filmed this in the morning, it was not know just how close she would make it to Hawaii.

In this episode, I asked you wonderful Beach Walks viewers to play with some time-shifting and head Flossie south!

So far, it’s working. Thanks for playing it forward. Here in the islands we really appreciate your support. 🙂

Hawaiian Word:
Pilikina: personal

Be in Touch!


  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    May Flossie just provide some pretty sunsets as it bids an aloha farewell as it instead turns south far from the Oahu shores. Thought of you immediately when first hearing of this hurricane on the weather. Just keep your camera handy and nothing will happen!

  2. …I thought of that story about the musician Donovan who got his audience to clap their hands and stop the rain at a LA concert many, many years ago.

    Best of luck and I just sent some energy to pull the storm south too… 🙂


  3. Hey Rox – I’ve been sending my positive energy, thoughts, and affirmations since Sunday. I see everything is just fine after Flossie passes by.


  4. Rox:

    Seems like some of the positive thoughts, energy and prayers have been working a bit. Thanks to all the beachwalkers.

  5. My Mother is on the south side of Hawaii. We aren’t on speaking terms right now, and between the earthquake and hurricane, it’s very much like our relationship right now. Let’s hope for the sake of the islands and the sake of our relationship, that everything will soon MOVE SOUTH! Best Wishes!

  6. Blessing that the hurricane find its way elsewhere…and thanks for the reminder on personal power. We all forget sometimes that WE are the only ones that have control over our lives, not others (even though they might try). Lisa

  7. Well you people rock! Flossie faded away and we got a nice steady rain out of her – much needed in thus dry summer.

    See you soon Peter!