Beach Walk 471 – Radical Trust

Lexi and I are back at the beach, trusting you’ll find us once again.

Be in Touch!


  1. Thank you for a PERFECT Friday! Welcome back!


  2. What you said about trust was touching. It reminded me of the Huna concept of “everything is working out perfectly.” This connects to Kala which means “There are no limits, everything is possible.”, as well.

    We grew up in a world that continually repressed this kind of thinking, that we’re a victim of our circumstances and that our life is not completely under our control. But deep inside we know that this isn’t true. Reality is a reflection of ourselves, and is therefore very pliable.

    Thanks, Roxy, for adding your voice to the message of hope and encouragement that is growing around the world. Indeed, we are all connected.

  3. Congradulations on the Podcast nomination! I was at the first in 2005 and used it a test pilot for my video podcast. Check it out
    It’s just TWIT and Adam Curry getting their awards. Good Luck!

  4. @JFSD – mahalo to you for the welcome back. it really means a lot to me.

    @kekoa – what you wrote is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

    @iconjohn – thanks for the video – I am visualizing myself in a similar setting 🙂 And I fixed the link for you so people can get to the direct post. Sometimes WP mangles the code.

    I am working my way into having the deep cellular confidence for the things of which I speak, and the support and affirmation from you and all the Beach Walks viewers is remarkable. love, rox

  5. Hi!

    Why don’t you use a guest host?

    Have a great day!


  6. Dan Bailes says

    welcome back. It’s so hard to harness all that energy that drives you forward, to plan, to do, to accomplish and move it into trusting that things will work out without you driving the bus (even if you don’t exactly know where the bus is going). I can totally identify with what you’re talking about. Glad you took time for yourself, it’s a message I need to remind myself of frequently. And the 10th is my birthday so seeing you and Lexi was a great wrap up for the day.


  7. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Always is great hearing your laugh! Your energy and #2 “other side” keeps the banter engaging and vibrant. Thanks for sharing and casting your positive energy out onto those beautiful Hawaiian waters.

  8. Rox,

    I’m glad it helped. 🙂