Beach Walk 470 – Checking In

I’m slowly and steadily getting caught up on my life. And working through the remodel on the home. And missing you!

Beach Walks Nominated for Podcast Awards
Lucky us – we have been nominated as one of the best Travel Podcasts for the Annual Podcast Awards, with over 4000 nominations!!!

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻomaha;: stop work, rest

Be in Touch!


  1. Nice to see you, Rox, if only for a quick hello. And glad to see you’re keeping Ms.#2 in her place. 🙂

  2. Wow, gorgeous beach! What a beautiful idea, beach walks!

  3. Hi Rox!
    I just love your show…been watching since you first started!…I have lived Phoenix for the past 20 years…and my mother and I are thinking about moving to Hawaii…tired of the all the cactus plus I visited Hawaii as a child and loved it!…

  4. miguel e apodaca says

    Aloha Rox, Shane & Lexi,

    I am peter doney’s husband, miguel, and i have always wanted to comment on your wonderful shows and share my thoughts, but working full-time, going to school part-time and on occasion being lazy, i never got around to it.

    Mahalo nui loa for always sharing your inspiring thoughts and the spirit of Aloha. Your shows provide peter & I with a different and positive outlook on things, and the encouragement when we always need it.

    In addition, Lexi always puts a smile on my face when I see her frolic on the beach. Lucky dog!

    We hope to meet you someday the next time we are in Hawai’i.


  5. @joec – yeah, #2 is on vacation too!

    @ jessica – welcome, and yes we are “lucky we live Hawaii!”

    @Sabrina – please be in touch if you make it over here. 🙂

    @Miguel – aloha! you guys have been great supporters of Beach Walks, in and out of comments. 🙂 I look forward to meeting you too.

  6. Send some of that rain to Athens, Georgia! We are having a horrible drought. I could use a Hawaiian rainbow, too.

    The framing on today’s episode was really good, loved the palm trees behind you.

    Good luck with the podcast awards.

  7. I faithfully read Leroy Sievers’ “My Cancer” blog ( ) – his Racing Against Time 8/1/07 posting had a phrase that resonated with me –

    “It’s okay to do nothing.”

    As a cancer survivor, I often feel pressure to do as much as possible with the clock ticking. But this phrase really helped me focus on throttling back the pressure and it’s a phrase that can probably apply to everyone(!)

  8. Odd, the lineout in my posting above wasn’t intended (gremlin?).

  9. @SoCalGaL – the site uses Textile HTML formatting shortcuts and when text is surrounded on either side with a hyphen, it creates a strike-thru. I edited a space between the hyphens and the words and the effect gets magically removed. (I didn’t actually think it applied to the comments field!)

    Your thought though, is really wonderful. The remodel is (big surprise) taking longer than I had hoped, and really sapping my energy. I love that you all are “chillin'” and supporting each of us in this process.

  10. Rox!

    A topic close to my heart – stepping away and going slow.

    Enjoy paradise!


  11. Luci from Albuquerque says

    Wow! Not only do we get to vicariously enjoy Hawai’i with you, but we get Textile editing tips as well…

  12. Luci from Albuquerque says

    PS: When my hubby and I were remodeling, there were times when we wondered how our carefully planned schedule would sometimes go awry. And, of course, when one end-point was delayed, it rippled through the rest of the schedule like lightening.

    Lesson learned: Just chill…it will be over “sometime” ;o(

  13. Just returning from vacation and ready to catch up with my Beachwalks…but Rox is on vacation too! Good for you…and certainly well deserved!!
    Take all the time you need and remember that the stress of remodeling will be well worth it:-) It ALWAYS takes longer than anticipated, focus on the end result!