Beach Walk 468 – My Inner Slacker

It’s summer and I am feeling like slacking a bit. Plus, we’ve been experiencing all sorts of obstacles to getting Beach Walks out daily. Plus, it doesn’t leave us much time to look for sponsors!

So I am going to play it as it goes and take some mini-vacation time the next few weeks. Please visit the Archives (scroll down to search by Category or Month) and get caught up on some back episodes. Then leave me a message with your faves; I’m always curious what few episodes to point new visitors too.

Hawaiian Word:
Wā hoʻomaha: vacation

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  1. Rox,
    As a listener, I would much rather have you do a show when you feel motivated and energized about a topic than to do a show simply for the sake of doing one. That’s being yourself and that’s what vlogging is all about, right?

    So, good on ya for listening to that inner slacker, and not letting Ms. #2 put that “should” guilt trip on you!

    Hope someday to meetup,

  2. @joe c: exactly! …the energy is 1,000% better when it’s flowing on autopilot instead of forced!

  3. You look very tan and relaxed, as does Lexi:-) I say do what “strikes your fancy” at this point. You’ve earned it at over 400 episodes already! You know we will all stay tuned and enjoy the episodes that you are comfortable doing.


  4. Please Rox, SCM and Lexi – please take time off from the show. I won’t say you SHOULD, but throttling back is good for the engine.

  5. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    You have taught our #2’s well to “hang loose” and actually value for you to have a respite — as long as you’re not sick, in an accident, or incarcerated, that is! We will just resort to loving it when you do show up on the scene…but you ‘should’ give Lexi her regular fix of a surf outing, or there will be a grumpy pup in your midst!

  6. Luci from Albuquerque says

    As Ursula Le Guin says,”It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

    So slack on, darlin’, whenever you and SCM need to recharge yourselves.

    Besides…it will be good for all of us to check out the archives for our favorites (which I do from time to time, when I’m in a slacker mode!)

  7. Perhaps doing your show weekly would help.

  8. Hey Roxy;

    What particularly impresses me is your ability to clarify so rapidly that you were dealing with a “DETOUR” sign from the Universe, and, rather than beat your head against the sign indefinitely, take the redirection with clarity and grace. This seems to me to be very much in harmony with your path as I’ve witnessed it, and what you offer on Beachwalks as well.

  9. You offer so much wisdom. I am praying you find a sponsor!

    I too am trying not to push myself so hard. I recently decided to slow down by deferring the doctorate program I got accepted too.

    Let me know if you’d feel like skype sometime to check in and chat.

    That is if you aren’t too busy!


  10. To each of you who commented, to those of you who emailed and skype’d – MAHALO! I could not ask for better friends. :-)

    Curiously enough, we have had three sponsor contacts in the 48 hours since this episode, and our traffic has actually gone up. Now that’s getting out of the way and letting the big U do some of the heavy lifting for us!

    I so love Beach Walks. And you all are one of the two main reasons why.

    love, rox

  11. As you said Rox, the universe throws plenty at us (and for no extra fee) and although the more adventurous might choose to add to that demand, we dont actually ‘have’ to lay on more burdens.

    Sometimes unavoidable challenges and stresses need to be overcome, but then again sometimes all that requires, is simply to remove the stress.

  12. Raymond Stolp says

    “I am your nurse… and you are my hospital.”
    Raymond Stolp, 2003

    See Ray’s greatest live performance here: