Beach Walk 466 – Seeing Everything Clearer

Jake Kongaika, leader of the band Cubworld returns today to sing a song for us.

I hope you have a chance to meet him in person someday. He has wonderful energy and eloquence.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻIkiÊ» pono: to see clearly

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  1. love the show and not just cause im in these episodes. very positive place online. thanks for being so cool and laid back. Take care.

  2. Jake’s a natural in front of the camera! Such an aloha spirit, it’s like us viewers are really there with you on the beach.

    Jake, your voice is so amazing, it’s no wonder you reached your goal on SellaBand. Congratulations on that and your new album!

    Rox THANKS for introducing us to new music. (I played Mighty J while my yoga class was setting up today, they loved it too. All the way from Oahu to the mountains of NE Georgia.)

  3. Rae Corlis says

    love your whole site, love to hear from Jake, Cubworld, his music is wonderful. Seeing you show makes me wish I was at the beach too.

  4. First time viewer for! I have heard so many great things about this site from user: “JFSD”, that I had to come and check it out! I loved listening to Jake! What I loved the most was that I could hear the sound of the break as he sang! I miss Hawaii so much! My Mother lives on the Big Island (hilo side), and I miss her and the island tremendously. Thank you for your great site and positive energy! I will be back for more!

  5. O man! Chicken skin!

    mahalo Jake!

  6. @Outnumbered124: It’s addicting, eh? Miss Rox has a few music shows including the women from Mighty J (the CD I brought in). And it’s sometimes interesting when she speaks to topics that are coincidentally going on at the same time in my life… She’s more than just a pretty face!

  7. @ Peter D. Thanks for feeling it. Always makes me feel good when people feel the same things i have felt making these songs. Mahalo.

    @Celeste. Thanks for the supportive words too. I got to do some yoga some time. 🙂

    Mahalo for diggin the tunes and i hope you get a chance to tell a freidn about LOCAL BOY CUBWORLD 🙂

    Aloha! 🙂

  8. What a great song! Loved it 🙂

    Hi Rox & Lexi

  9. two words:

    most excellent!

    i’m a child of the 60s generation, what can i say?

    aloha y’all. . . earl j.


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