Beach Walk 465 – Grateful Jake

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  1. Mahalo Rox for this interview with Jacob Kongaika.

    I was listening to on my iPod earlier today at work and DT was mentioning you and Beachwalks – I was hoping it would work out that you could interview him.

    DT and Bran had JK in stitches – cute show.

    Then there’s this whole other side of JK I watched and listened to on your podcast tonight – who knew?

    I love how you interview people. You ask the best questions, and they just open up and share some of themselves with the viewers. Great work!

    You help paint a world that is what I think life should be, even when you’re screaming under water!

    Oceans of Aloha!

  2. @JFSD. Wow mahalo for your comments JFSD. I was actually a little flustered on this episode – the wireless transmitter was kaput and then the and held batteries had to be changed, and then for part 2 the tape had to be changed! I was stymied getting the lighting right (the wind was working on the opposite direction) and could not seem to pronounce Jake’s beautiful name right. He was SO grounding and supportive for me.

    Apologies to all of you for getting this episode up later than usual. Internet connection failed twice during the upload.

  3. Aloha y’all,
    went looking for an artistic episode and found this very interesting “part-fish story” . . . to forward this article from a few years back about Cuzin’ Wayne on Maui … just so you’ll have an idea of him before you meet him. . .

    Until that time. . . aloha y’all. . . Earl J.


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