Beach Walk 464 – Summer Fun on the Water

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  1. Always love the paddling episodes. Thanks, wish i was on the water with you.

  2. What a great piece of video and starter for my day. How are these kind of boats different from kayaks?

    I played hooky from work one day last October and walked around the resort at Paradise Point (Vacation Isle, San Diego) and stumbled across these boats on the beach. They didn’t have the that extra piece that goes in the water, but their Hawaiian names caught my eye!

  3. Looks like great exercise and so much fun!

  4. Luci from Albuquerque says

    If my wittle pea brain is working properly, isn’t that opening shot of Lexi in the passage to Lainikai Beach? It susre looks just like the one we used to take from my late friend Linda’s home every day (more than 20 years go, alas!).

  5. Wow I didn’t realize the boats are so narrow. You are really one with the water.

    My copy of Mighty J’s cd arrived today! Am really enjoying it, their voices are fantastic, the music is original, and Dr. Trey’s producing is excellent.

  6. @Mindy – I wish you were here too; when r u coming back?

    @JFSD – actually, those are outrigger canoes! Just in an unrigged state. 🙂 (And I rescued your comment from spam; hopefully it will remember you next time.)

    @Sheila – a great workout it is, and we’ll take you for a run when you come.

    @Luci: bingo! You are right. It is “Lanikai” beach – one of several entrances.

    @Celeste – very narrow boats, with the most amazing energy. 🙂 It is a version of how the Hawaiian people got here from the South Pacific, and though the sport is becoming wildly popular all around the world, there are still very few who get the chance to go out in one. I feel blessed and lucky every time.

    As for MTJ and Dr Trey?? They truly are gifted pros.

  7. rush in n louisiana says

    I am as big a “land lubber” as you could find I guess but I can count among my experiences a chance to experience getting to paddle an OC-6 with the Hoewa’a Dallas Outrigger Canoe Club folks down in Houston for a little practice. Biggest treat was getting to just take a OC-1 up the Hanalei River a few hundred yards a couple of times courtesy of Tom of Kai Waa…they make one of the lines of one place canoes.

  8. I liked this.

  9. I’m with Mindy. Love these padding and water episodes. Especially since I’ve been over a month since I was home there with you!!

    Looking forward to getting home next week and also fixing that mic problem on the new water camera.

  10. hey – are you allowed on flat island? anyway of getting any footage of what it looks like?


  11. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    @Rox – how deep is that water? It appears so clear when you angled the camera down, appearing almost shallow!

  12. @peter: yes people (not dogs!) are allowed over there on trails as it is bird sanctuary. Your request is noted and I’ll try to get out there again with camera.

    @Susan and Lexie – it is shallow in the footage. Those coral heads were just a few feet underwater, and if you listen closely at the beginning, you can hear Suzanne reminding everyone to “watch your paddles”. I never tire of this beauty and the clarity of the water. And am so glad I could share it with all of you!