Beach Walk 461 – Girls Night Out

We’ve been following Mighty J for months as they write the songs on their newly released CD.

Today’s episode features their brand new release music video! Find out where to get the CD here.

And go check out their site!

Hawaiian Word:
Wahine: women
Pō: night

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  1. Congratulations Mai, Tiki & Jenn and the rest of the band!!

  2. So talented and creative, and gorgeous on top of it all. All 3 are an inspiration. Going over to buy their cd RIGHT NOW.

  3. John Perell says

    We met on Lanakai beach on the 4th July, I am the fellow with the Military Macaw. Very interesting web site. Thanks Aloha John

  4. …love the focus on the music and the artists, and not the bling and not the other MTV-like nonsense.

    @Celeste: …agree, the girls are hot.

  5. That was great to see!

  6. So glad you liked it. I keep asking myself – is it because I know and love them that I like their music or is their music mighty cool? It’s both! I am a music snob. And I just love listening to their CD – in the car, on the computer. It just speaks to me. As I told them (tearfully) at the CD release party, I wish I knew in my 20’s what they know… But that is the gift of each new generation. And how lucky for me to be friends with these amazing women.

  7. love it more and more everytime i see it


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