Beach Walk 459 – A Fresh Start Every Week

Time to do away with the Monday moping.

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  1. Mondays are depressing because of how differently Saturday and Sunday is treated. As a freelancer, I don’t have a problem with this, because every day’s basically the same to me. If you’re a 9-5er, or at least the people you work with only work on the weekdays, you live a different life for two days out of the week than you do on the other five.

    Giving up the weekend life’s not only depressing, but predictable. I remember from when I used to do it. 🙂

  2. i don’t have a day job either, but i sure enjoyed the vibe of this video!

  3. A nice thought to ponder as I begin my work week. I do work to give me the freedom and the ability to do those things that I truly enjoy when not at work.

    Maybe instead of counting to ten when I feel myself getting frustrated I can think of 10 things I am able to do because I work?


  4. @Ann: I like to flip to the positive too.

    PS: We have Air-Conditioning at work which is great when summer temps make the house uncomfortable…

  5. Luci from Albuquerque says

    Your mentioning live in the now reminded me of an Irish proverb my mother-in-law used to say whenever I strayed from that concept (and it was usually on Mondays!): “Better one good thing that is, rather than two good things that were, or three good things that might never come to pass.”

  6. I am self-employed and nonetheless find it challenging not to get the monday bummer energy – hence this episode!

    Bill, Chuck? The siren call of people wanting things from you – no biggie, eh? Today, you are my gurus.

    Ann – counting to 10 comes in handy for so many things!

    JFSD: AC? I love it for getting these brain cells to work. And Luci – that is one awesome quote.

  7. Well, I was highly agitated today and wasn’t so calm and collected in a couple of scenarios. Luckily I have next Monday to try again… It’s 90 inside the house currently. Where are the AC Gods… ???

  8. Because my husband spent many years working as a consultant, he developed a different mentality towards Mondays and work environments. One of his ideas has really helped me. He views an employer as a “client”, not as someone who owns your time. While other people request time off for vacations, my DH advises thinking of it as requesting “permission to return to work”…Both of us have had several jobs in our careers, and for us it seems that there are other “clients” available if one does not work out. Both of us are now quite successfully self-employed with multiple “clients” each, and I no longer work on Mondays at all.