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Beach Walk 470 – Checking In

I’m slowly and steadily getting caught up on my life. And working through the remodel on the home. And missing you!

Beach Walks Nominated for Podcast Awards
Lucky us – we have been nominated as one of the best Travel Podcasts for the Annual Podcast Awards, with over 4000 nominations!!!

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻomaha;: stop work, rest

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Beach Walk 469 – Shark’s in Town

Wouldn’t you know it, I decide to take a few days off BW and go to the beach sans camera, only to discover all kind of activity.

A man had been bitten by a shark just around the point from where we usually swim and paddle. So I grabbed a little footage and have a belated report for you, with a somewhat timeless question. How does “group mind” affect you? Have you stopped to wonder how you would feel about sharks if there were no scary shark movies? Yes, they do sometimes eat humans. But ever so rarely.

Here’s the story about Harvey Miller in the local paper.
Here’s the BW episode about the hammerhead shark.

Hawaiian Word:
Manō: shark

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Beach Walk 468 – My Inner Slacker

It’s summer and I am feeling like slacking a bit. Plus, we’ve been experiencing all sorts of obstacles to getting Beach Walks out daily. Plus, it doesn’t leave us much time to look for sponsors!

So I am going to play it as it goes and take some mini-vacation time the next few weeks. Please visit the Archives (scroll down to search by Category or Month) and get caught up on some back episodes. Then leave me a message with your faves; I’m always curious what few episodes to point new visitors too.

Hawaiian Word:
Wā hoʻomaha: vacation

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Beach Walk 467 – Sunrise with Bill

Sunrise over Flat Island, with my new friend Bill.

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Beach Walk 466 – Seeing Everything Clearer

Jake Kongaika, leader of the band Cubworld returns today to sing a song for us.

I hope you have a chance to meet him in person someday. He has wonderful energy and eloquence.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻIkiÊ» pono: to see clearly

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