Beach Walk 458 – We’re Not the Same Girls

Join us at the Mighty J CD release party!

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  1. A week and a half ago I purchased my copy from and rec’d it last week!!!! I feel its the best CD I’ve purchased in 20 years. All 3 girls are beautiful.


  2. ….I’ve got a couple of these CD’s on order (1 to keep, 1 to gift), and it’s been fun to watch these talented women since I first saw them here on Beachwalks.

    More positive energy from HawaiÊ»i – love it!

    Mahalo nui

    @Bill A.: Do you think Pop culture is ready for something new? I think the current love affair with bling and poopy pants and prison life is just about out of steam… (maybe I’m showing my age)

  3. Thank you Bill and JFSD for supporting local music and Mighty J … oh… and let me not forget! We are truly grateful for your support!

    ROX!!!! Mahalo for all of your mana’o, your love, your positivity and your belief in our passion for music! You have been instrumental in spreading your and our aloha with your vidcasts. Your strength and vitality are infectious and we so enjoy your company.

    You are truly a gem to this world wide web of organized chaos we call the internet!

    with much love and gratitude …

    Tiki (of MighTy J)

    long live …beachwalks with ROX!

  4. Rai, MTJ PA says

    Hi Rox,
    I’m glad that you were able to attend the Press Party…and share with with the world..the enthusiam you have for MighTy J music. I absolutely LOVE what you captured on the vidcast!! If gives you enough about their talent, their music…and what Mai, T and J are about in a brief couple minutes.

    I’m excited for your fans to see the vidcast.. 🙂

    Thanks again…
    Rai, MTJ PA

  5. As the saying goes, w00t! I love that you all love Mighty J, as we do. I only hope you get to hear them in person one day, and for now, just get the music. It’s got staying power.

    love, rox

  6. SoCalGal says

    Congrats MJ! going to order right now…. shuffle shuffle shuffle….

  7. Absolutely wonderful episode, Rox! I continue to be amazed at your ability to get these episodes out each day on your own while I’m on the Mainland. Truly amazing.

    The girls of Mighty J have never been more lovely and radiant as they looked that evening.

    I’m visiting friends here in Utah this weekend and they already have Mighty J’s new CD!!! They’ve had it for almost 2 weeks and it hasn’t left the CD player in their car since it arrived.

    Awesome and Congratulations to Mai, Jen, and Tiki! I’m so disappointed I wasn’t on island for the CD release party.

  8. Great job Rox and SCM. Loved it and love your show. =Ipo=


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