Beach Walk 457 – Gossip 2.0

On an island, it’s hard to not have people talking about other people.

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  1. Interesting…do most of the tourists staying in Waikiki not venture any further? Oh what they are missing!

    Next time we visit, we’re not staying in Waikiki at all. It looks like it might even be cheaper to rent a vacation house and cook our meals in, somewhere on a different part of the island.

  2. @Celeste – to be fair, there is a lot to do in Waikiki! And yes, it’s also wonderful to stay in one of our smaller local communities.

  3. Dan Bailes says

    what happened to secret cameraman? The camera rig you’re using doesn’t work. too freaky. the framing never changes, which makes you look more like a cartoon than a real person. Also, you’ve lost the whole relaxed quality of a stroll on a beach. And the playful interludes with your dog. I hope this is only an experiment. I miss the thoughtful intimacy of your typical style.

  4. where’s the cameraman? your episodes are startin’ to look like a scene from a spike lee movie. the cut aways are more sensory stimulating than the main shot. never-the-less I love the energy … forever a fan… if i was there I’d fill in no doubt I love the ritual of it. peace. carlton

  5. @Dan and @Carleton – I understand the sentiment. Cameraman is on the mainland working for a month so Lexi and I are doing our best to fend solo in his absence.

    We’d be delighted if anyone out there wants to come walk backwards on the beach and help us film. Please email me!

  6. Those folks may live in North Carolina, but they aren’t native…they lack the “proper” Southern accent. 🙂

    I actually feel sorry for the people who only see Waikiki on their vacation to Hawaii. Personally, I’m not a Waikiki person.

  7. Gossip as a buisiness tool is a great thing. Gossip in personal lives is no good.

    Hey guys, I appreciate that Rox gets out there and does the show for us. No matter what camera angle that is used I like to see beautiful Rox.