Beach Walk 455 – Save Net Radio

Please visit SaveNetRadio and contact your government representatives to stop the severe increase in fees and royalties for internet radio.

They are larger than traditional radio pays and this is a ploy to drive away independent companies who have legitimate businesses and are paying music royalties already.

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Hawaiian Word:
Henehene: to laugh at

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  1. Mahalo nui for the support of Internet Radio.

    I’ve watched several episodes of Beach Walks including the Mighty J episodes and I can truly see that you operate everyday with pure passion.

    It’s that same mana and aloha that inspires me to continue to share the music of the islands with the world.

    July 15th will be “THE DAY” of judgement and I ask you and your viewers for your continued pule.

    Malama pono Rox and continued success! -Pu’ukani