Beach Walk 454 – When in doubt, choose comedy

It’s a good day to remember to laugh at the absurd, rather than take it seriously.

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  1. Thank you so much for your inspiring words today. I really needed it…got caught up for a second but now I know that I have to put it in perspective…so, that’s what I’m going to do now! IT’S ALL SOME KINDA COMEDY!
    BTW, audio was perfectly fine 😉

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    I was reminded of a small incident that occurred on Saturday at the grocery store when being checked out. The cashier was nervous and obviously new, but was acting super efficient, even remembering to ask (in a robotic style) if I needed help with carry out. I responded, “Normally I don’t, but maybe today it might be a good idea.” Then she followed my eyes and realized she forgot to bag all the groceries! We both broke out laughing and it was great to share that human moment with her. Don’t you find that some of the greatest joys in life are in the details? The journey along the way…

  3. @Lynda240 – yes, the audio turned out! like I said – a miracle as I just told the machine: i give up on you, i am unplugging the head phones and just going for it!

    @Susan – wonderful story! you redefined the whole “service” relationship in a generous and beautiful way.

    @Rox – yes, talking to myself. “Keep this in mind this week!”

  4. Beautiful color water today and what a view!!
    Ahh yes…laughter is so important for our health.
    Alan Watts had a laughing meditation that when you listened to it, you couldn’t help but laugh along.
    So a good laugh in the morning to start your day can set the tone for the day.
    Life is way too short to be serious.
    Don’t feed negative energy. Diffuse it with laughter.
    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  5. Your video #454 looked beautiful on my monitor.
    What camera do you use?


  6. Hi Carl – we use a Sony HDR-HC1 – look for the Gear page link in the upper right column to find out about our whole set up.

    Marie – thanks for your lovely energy.