Beach Walk 451 – Build Confidence with Data

Some people are confident naturally; here are some tips for the rest of us.

My friend Chris Brogan recently recorded a podcast about it. Today’s episode of Beach Walks (filmed on an amazing day!!) came from my decisions to “swim first” and do the show second. One of the ways I’ve learned to build confidence is to be able to resist my feelings, and use data to inform my decisions and actions. That pesky #2 personality is frequently there to play the emotion card, which can keep us thinking and feeling “one down.”

Hawaiian Word:
Paulele: confidence

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  1. Beautiful day and episode, Rox. Loved the face-making and did it right along with you.

    I think the topic of confidence is related to a blog post I wrote this morning in response to something Colin Devroe started on his blog yesterday.

    I know for me that I’m starting to regain some of the confidence I used to have when I was younger and it’s making a very big difference in the way I interact with others and feel about myself.

  2. OOoooh! Love the face making, I did it too. Will be sharing it tomorrow with my yoga class, THANKS.

    Love the airplane analogy. One of my teachers shared that the heart muscle pumps to itself first, then pumps to the rest of the body. Same idea. We use a chest opener to ground it into the body, like you did the faces.

    Something fun to add with Lion!

  3. Great topic – I even went over and grabbed Chris Brogan’s audio. Very interesting – definitely something I need to work a lot on.

    I think this show wins for best scenery though – WOW, the colors and the light are so prefect and breath taking!


  4. As I giggled at the funny faces, it reminded me of a time when I was having some severe insecurity problems. To try to break through the barrier I created, I used dancing. I was an unsightly dancer and terrified to dance in public. By persisting at dancing – the equivalent of a full-body funny face – I eventually developed more confidence than ever.
    It makes perfect sense to suspend our fears and inhibitions and do something new or “uncommon” in order to develop a stronger sense of confidence and self-reliance. In four and a half minutes, you offer guidance that can move us from one down to one up. Thanks again!

  5. What a great great great idea! You’re so clever. : ) Thanks for all this.

  6. Mickie W says

    (I’m catching up on episodes – I’m late!)
    I loved this episode – especially when you said everyone sucks at things when they first start them.

    I do a lot of starting new things and it is very difficult to continue when you feel like you are doing so poorly. But you are absolutely right and I try to think of that every time I fall down, pick myself and brush myself off.