Beach Walk 449 – Kanekapila with Matt Love

I went to a Slack Key Guitar (kī hōʻalu) symposium that was sponsored by the State Arts Commission, but couldn’t get permission to film. No problem!

We had our own concert afterwords with Matt Love, who magically sat behind me in the Paliku Theatre, and of course, he had his guitar in the car! Please take a listen to his falsetto-style singing along with his guitar playing a song written by Dennis Kamakahi. His daughter Fran does a fantastic intro to today’s episode too!

Matt has an album for sale. Please email him at or contact his daughter Fran at

Speaking of music! Mighty J (from Beach Walks #334 and Beach Walk #364 has released their CD! Please go buy your copy at and tell them Beach Walks sent you!

Hawaiian Word:
kī hōʻalu: slack key
Kanekapila: making music (technically not a true Hawaiian word, but it’s what we say when talking about sitting around together and making music.)

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  1. Great that you were able to catch this with such short notice, Rox. Wonderful energy. Makes me miss home.

    Loved the intro! 🙂

    Sorry about your static problem. We’ll get a portable mic stand that we can always have in the car for situations like this where we could setup the handheld.