Beach Walk 447 – Kap’n & Joe, the Skateboarding Dog

Some of you may have noticed we missed a show…well this was the show I tried to get yesterday! But I was not monitoring sound correctly, and missed the audio completely. I am so lucky though – I ran into Joe and the Captain again (how lucky is that??).

I’ve seen them around time many times, but never was able to get ahead in time to say “Stop! I want to talk.” Our internet may be slow but we sure are “lucky we live Hawaiʻi! (Rhonda! Please call me so we can get together. 808-384-5554.)

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E-Glide Skateboards

Hawaiian Word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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  1. Hmm. Dog gets run over by owner while riding on motorized skateboard. Owner continues to ride with dog while dog is ‘3 legged’. Not really sure whose desires are being met by this activity.

    Our kids like to run with scissors, too. Doesn’t mean we let them, even if they are cute doing it.

  2. …I am totally fascinated – I’ve never seen an electric skateboard. I’ve seen/heard/smelled the gas powered ones, but not electric.

    The ‘boys’ Kap’n & Little Joe are too cool.

    There are signs posted here at the parks and the beaches about no riding on the sidewalks – so I’m not sure where you ride…

  3. Awesome. I’ve seen them so many times down in Kailua Beach Park. The skateboard makes absolutely no sound and Joe is always standing right out on the front tip of the board.

    I would love to have one of these boards to zip around Kailua.

  4. More in this topic about animals and adventure in tomorrow’s show. mahalo for your comments peeps!

  5. Little Joe’s tail isn’t between his legs; I think he doesn’t mind the ride.