Beach Walk 446 – Secret Cameraman Revealed

At long last you get to meet our Secret Cameraman, Shane Robinson.

He gets all the credit for walking backwards day after day, as he films the show and then later designs the show, edits our special episodes, and manages the work flow and archiving of the massive amount of footage and digital data! We love you Secret Cameraman! Filmed in a mad dash just before leaving LA (where many stars are born!) on our way back to Hawaii after the Pixelodeon Festival.

Hawaiian word:
Mea huna: secret

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  1. SoCalGal says

    Shane, dude!!! Finally! Thanks for all your hard work (especially that walking backwards part); it has certainly paid off.

  2. Aloha Beachwalkers!

    Many Mahalos for all your great emails and comments these past 445 shows.

    Who knows where we’re going or what we’ll find when we get there? So let’s just enjoy the ride!

    And a very special Mahalo to Roxanne for all the trouble she went through to get this episode up. We accidentally shot it in wide screen and High Definition and it caused a tremendous amount of problems when she went to edit and encode it. But she did a great job and I am thrilled to have her behind the camera for once. 😉

  3. WOW!!!! The man behind it all actually shows himself. I guess the next episode is “What prompted the revealing of secret camera man?” Now we’ll need a Shane’s thoughts segment in the show.

  4. …loved the comment about how creating the Beachwalks show gets SC out of the house. So while doing the show is obviously work, it’s also a gift in the way of a mental break and some fresh air and time with Roxanne.

    My beachwalks is pruning/trimming green things in the yard. It’s a gift too (most days)…

    Mahalo SC and Rox for another great show!

  5. That’s right, (not so) Secret Cameraman gives us our thought for today…what gets us out of the house? I can get stuck for hours in front of the ‘puter, too.

    One of the reasons I teach yoga is to get me out of the house and interacting with people.

    Need to talk to my DH about this, his business is all telecommuting with the ‘puter and technology and goes around the clock. Thanks for the prompt, Shane!

  6. I think you could have guessed that I’d be coming to this party! Shane. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is to finally see you, in all your glory, on Beach Walks. The amount of work you’ve done to get Beach Walks off the ground, in addition to all the work you have with Bare Feet, is really commendable and should be recognized.

    For any of you that do not know Shane, and I’ve had the pleasure of having a few conversations with him over the years but I’ve never met him YET!, I have to say that he is genuinely one of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter.


  7. Woohoo… exciting!

    I have to agree with Colin – it is so cool to finally see Shane on BWR. I haven’t met Shane (or Rox) in person yet either but I have to say – following them via email and twitter, you can feel how caring and compassionate they really are with people they don’t even know. Its very inspiring to start your day with a BWR and I know a very large part of that magic happens behind the camera and in the editing. Everyone may not have known what he looked like but we already knew him by his work and you can tell – he’s a pretty amazing individual.

    Mahalo Shane! (and today’s secret camera woman;)

  8. Wow! Such kind words. Many Mahalos.

    I really do the easy part. Rox is obviously the driving force and energy behind BWR and my thanks go to her for putting up with my many “moods” during these past 445 shows.

    I’m also very grateful to all of you for your emails and comments. Your input and energy are really the fuel helping to drive BWR on those days that we think we don’t have the energy or time to do a show.

    So, while I’m gone for the next week, please send Rox good energy as she does the entire show herself.

    Much Aloha

  9. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Wow — nice guy! What a winning combination the both of you are with much positive energy that clearly comes through the podcasts. Also love the subtle humor that creeps in, as well. I recall Ann Richards commenting once that when Ginger Rogers danced with Fred Astaire, she did it just as well, except backwards and in high heels. Trust Shane has bypassed the ‘heels’ part while walking backwards all these 400+ days!

  10. Hello! Happy to discover another transplanted corn-fed Iowan who vlogs! Like you, I’m also behind the camera, and in front of the computer. And you’re absolutely right, filming gets us out of the mole hole. Thank goodness☺ And thanks for mentioning twittervision. Very cool.

  11. Say it isn’t SO!!!! :O

    I’m not convinced. :/ Can anyone CONFIRM that this is the ACTUAL SecretCameraman? Looks like they hired an actor, to me, hahaha 😀

    Anyway… Whomever that was, nice interview and keep up the good work! 😀

  12. So wait, does this mean we can just call you “cameraman” now? And if you don’t have your camera, would we just call you “man?”

  13. @Bill: all the cool people that went to Pixelodeon know the truth. 😉

    @Trey: Call me “The Dude.”

  14. It’s taken Mr. Secret Cameraman a looong time to realize how important he is to Beach Walks. Mahalo nui to all of you for helping me out in that regard, and to you, DUDE, rock on! I love you.

  15. Its great to learn more about Shane! Kent’s family comes from a farming background, too.

  16. Aloha guys! Good to see Shane on the other side of the camera.

  17. Shane: Aloha from Nebraska! How great to finally see you. I subscribed a couple months ago and enjoy now seeing your face after too many years away from it. You and Rox give me a few minutes every day away from the all the little faces at school and a chance to visualize paradise. Thanks for that!

    You do a great job on BWR and I have to say I’m proud of your accomplisments!

    Take care and Mahalo!


  18. UB!!

    Mahalo for your comment and for watching. So when are you and AJ coming to visit??