Beach Walk 445 – The Secret

The suspense builds as we prepare to unveil the secret of Secret Cameraman.

Watch the trailer (today’s episode) and come back tomorrow for Secret Cameraman Revealed!

Hawaiian word:
Mea huna: secret

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  1. O man! Wait – its not sweeps or the season finale, is it?

  2. …I was watching DVD The Secret at a friend’s house over Memorial Day, and thought when I saw today’s show title, I was on a parallel again with Beachwalks.

    Guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!


  3. Whoo hoo! Secret cameraman! This was a fabulous teaser.

  4. Luci from Albuquerque says

    I have just one thing to say; specifically…outstanding!!!!!

  5. Love it! Good to see you at Pixelodeon. Sorry i had to run out and get back home. Looks like you had a great time.


  1. […] them in Episode 369 along with Stacey (Episode 296) and Kaile (Episode 572, and I had a great trip. Secret Cameraman and Lexi rounded out the beach […]