Beach Walk Audio 10 – Breathing Lesson with Celeste

beachwalkaudio graphicBreathing techniques for stress reduction.

Last week’s episode on breathing generated a number of comments and we continue this week with an interview with one of our Beach Walks audience members, Celeste Dickson. Celeste is a yoga teacher, and comes at it with a very compassionate perspective. She used to be an overweight person, and remembers well the discomfort and sense of being out of place. She is determined to encourage all kinds of people to join her classes and is a very encouraging instruction.

Please visit Celeste’s Blog.

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Hawaiian words
Hanu: to breathe

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  1. Mahalo –
    Wonderful presentation. Love da blogs.
    Try breathing and watching the surf!
    Where are you from originally?


  2. Aloha Mitch. Are you asking me (rox) or Celeste? I was born in North Carolina; not sure about Celeste.


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