Beach Walk 444 – Free Hugs

Today was a travel day, and complications appeared at several steps along the way. Then, as we were walking through LAX Airport at 9:30 pm, we encountered a most wonderful experience.

I love the topic, and I think you’ll be thrilled to meet Liz!

Original Free Hugs campaign
I’d like to note that actually I did a free hug campaign in New York City in 1989 – and gave away 37 hugs to 37 strangers, celebrating my 37th birthday. It was one wonderful day!

Hawaiian Word:

Pūliki: hug

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  1. Gareth Shearman says

    What a neat idea! If that catches on at airports, what a boon to weary stressed out travellers!

    I have always thought that the hug and kiss on both cheeks greeting of my European acquaintances was great.

  2. There are so many great ideas. Beach Walks viewers, you seem like the type to be at the front of a movement like this. I am thinking about our next collaborative video project being on this topic. What do you think? Want to participate?

  3. Hmmm… looks like another post disappeared. Maybe the software thinks I’m spam!

    Hey Miss Rox – out in El Segundo is Kahanamokus’ Swimboat ( and it’s family owned. El Sequndo is the exit to go to LAX from the 405, except you go towards the water (makai) instead of towards the airport. I get a little lost, but it’s easy to recover from… It’s a surf shop and Mark is totally cool.

  4. Hey Rox

    I’ve finally managed to catch up on about 2 weeks of shows, as I havent been able to so far! Each one put more of a smile on my face, so I’m pleased that you crossed paths with a Free Hugger. It’s been a big thing and groups of people have replicated it all over the world.

    Happy smiles and hugs from sunny Brighton 🙂


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