Beach Walk 440 – Waves Roll In

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  1. Luci from Albuquerque says

    Whenever I’ve visited Hawai’i, the very first thing I’ve done…before unpacking, regardless of the time of day, or how far away…is to head for the beach to sit quietly and “hear” the waves. You’ve brought back some of my fondest memories! Mahalo!!!!

    PS: Where you aware that the cadence of your poem perfectly matches the tempo of Kaimoku’s theme song? ^_^

  2. Luci – so glad you liked this! i tried my best to sync the words and music; thank you for noticing! iMovie does not give a lot of control – i got a little lucky!

  3. I absolutely loved your poem and as always the utterly beautiful views…I was just spaced out reading and viewing …after crunch. It’s About…
    Lunch! I just had to share…I got such a giggle.

    It could all be so bright…and it is…

    Thanks Rox for all your energy you are so generous with.