Beach Walk 438 – Bad Day, Good Day

Bad days happen. Oh well.

Update! Hi Folks! Bad day continues – there seems to be a problem with the movie player; other files are working correctly so click on one of them to watch the episode please for now. We are working with on this and will post back here with an update.

Will I ever Get to Samosa Blog
Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds
Josh Leo

Hawaiian Word:
He llā ʻino: bad day

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  1. Hi Rox, Yesterday I watched a couple of you beach walk videos. Well done! I learned a lot and loved the sea shell call from Alaska.
    I didn’t watch the videos here. I was on another web site but can’t for the life of me remember which one.
    Would it be too much of an imposition to ask where else you post to? I wanted to use that site myself and didn’t bookmark, can’t find it and I know it’s not Blip (or at least I think I know it’s not
    About the client/vendor relationship: I make it a point i.e. go out of my way to support the people who do business with me. Their products or services solve a problem I have or something I want. People do business with people. When we ask for help from anyone, client or vendor they get a chance to shine and feel good about themselves. IMHO
    ALOHA (Did I spell that right?)

  2. Hi Kim, E komo mai! (That’s welcome.) As for where you saw the videos…that could be one tough mystery to solve. We post mainly to, but also a little bit at YouTube and MySpace.

    Then, all kinds of “aggregators” grab our feed and post the videos all over the place. Since they can take the feed without our knowing it per se, that could be anywhere. You might also check out,, Good luck on your search, and you might also try looking in your browser history.

    And congrats – you spelled aloha right!