Beach Walk 436 – Bikini Culture, Internet Culture

Patricia Lange, a fellow at the Annenberg Center for Communication, wrote an article for the Barnard Center for Research on Women discussing in part how I use bikinis occasionally on Beach Walks specifically to be true to our local beach culture and to break the stereotypes associated with them. She did a lovely job; I recommend you go read the article.

In thinking about culture, I also remarked that the internet is a culture of its own too. CC Chapman recently congratulated a caller who had reported on his progress leaving comments on websites. That was a homework assignment CC gave at his PodCamp New York session. And one I suggest often also! It’s a great way to have a cross-cultural experience.

It’s possible have a cross-cultural experience just by visiting the person across the hall or across the street from you!

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Huakaʻi: travel, trip

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  1. Dan Brown says

    Aloha Rox,
    I have a weekly cross-cultural experience.
    On the Northern (waay north) California coast at a small fishing village Albion there are 2 regulation Hawaiian 6-man outrigger canoes! Also remarkable is the fact there are enough experienced paddlers (4 of whom stroked Moloka’i-Oahu race!).
    Each Sunday morning we paddle.
    Because of the temperatures: water 56 deg. air 40 to 65 deg. we are dressed in full wetsuits-booties (survival in case of a huli), sweatshirts, down parkas and wool caps.
    We share with our Hawaiian paddlers the same ocean, paddling style, distance and rhythms however the dress is from another culture. Board shorts and bikinis are but a dream.

  2. …it’s neat that women are seemingly held less under the microscope these days, and it’s cool or sexy (both?) to be smart as well as attractive.

    There’s still a social hangup on ‘what’ is pretty and I think being physically attractive opens a few doors too. Look at how many backup singers have amazing talent, however they don’t have the physical look the record companies promote.

    I notice Rox smiles a lot – that’s such a flattering expression on our faces, I wonder why we all don’t do it more?

  3. Great article, Rox!!!

  4. @Dan – burrr, I get cold just thinking about that! And I wonder if the wetsuit hampers your stroke at all. I remember SCUBA diving in Monterey Bay (similar water) and basically being a stiff one from the thick suit and all the paraphernalia. Board shorts awaiting your return!

    @Jonnie – yes fortunately times are changing. they say there is a lot of deep, fundamental biology going on in terms of appearance and attraction, but i say consciousness can override that. it’s a poor excuse anyway. As for the smile, I am completely down with that!

    @Jen – yes, Patricia did a wonderful job bringing to light a lot of the factors in play with what *we* do, but that are not apparent in any given episode.