Beach Walk 435 – Memorial Day in the Pacific Remix

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  1. Thank you for dropping this again.
    I am praying for the world peace from Japan too.

  2. Enjoyed today’s show (didn’t see it the first time around)…

    I keep putting my foot in my mouth every time I try to say this; so if I do it again, I’ll apologize in advance.

    War is for profit, for power, for business and it’s paid for on the backs of tax dollars in the best case scenario, and in the worst case, the very lives of people who wanted to do the right thing because of passion, beliefs (personal and social) and a sense of duty.

    When we are arguing at the street level about being patriotic, about being politically right or left, and about our spiritual beliefs, we are missing the point that in this mud that is diversion, a whole layer of control at the mud-free top keeps us a very successful and sometimes overbearing country.

    Personally I would have preferred a more defensive stance than offensive as far as running a country; but I guess we’ll have to wait for history to report how this all washes out. I am hardly qualified to run much more than my mouth…

    We have Fort Rosecrans here in San Diego, a huge military cemetery as well on some 78 acres and 91,000 interments.

    My Aunt was 8 years old and living in Honolulu when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Her Mom grabbed her and her brother and headed for the hills. She’s still living.

    My Dad did the Omaha Beach thing in WWII. All I ever got out of him as far as a war story was “those bullets were really flying”. He passed in 2002 at age 80.

  3. @akemi – I think each new generation has the opportunity to learn from past history and drop the historical grudges, but it really only happens 2 people at a time, just like you and me. Mahalo and arigato for your comment.

    @jonnie – I understand where you are coming from; whenever anything gets as huge as the “military-industrial complex” it is bound to be rife with corruption and the worst humanity has to offer. It’s one of the reasons I love the internet; bc so much information is getting out, one person at a time, and that I believe, is how things change. Slowly, steadily, solidly, with direct observations from the people involved.

    I read a sad dose of reality today in the International Herald Tribune: GIs in Iraq are no longer true believers.

  4. Rox – good read (thanks). They offer podcasts too – looks to be owned by the New York Times (which is a paper I like as well).

  5. Thank you for sharing a beautiful remembrance to all who have sacrificed this life through our struggles for freedom. One point you made about wishing people could all come together and find out what each side is about….pbs just aired a show on the “Berlin Airlift” and it was so uplifting to see how we can come together in a time of need and truly make a difference. The pilots that flew the airdrops of food an supplies, mingled with people who had just been their enemies, and yet they worked together side by side. What a shining moment of our history. If people aren’t aware of the “Berlin Airlift” I would urge them to learn about that time. I would also urge people to “Wake Up” and work towards restoring our true democracy and accountability. The corporations and “plantation mentality” are “manufacturing our consent” for their benefit and not for the betterment of us all. At least we still have the internet and “Democracy Now”, “LinkTV”, for now, and we must stay involved to keep it that way. In 2 years if not sooner, I am sure there will be a push to try and monopolize the internet again.
    Thank you for being here, sharing your thoughts and allowing us to do the same. It is a great freedom to be able to freely express ourselves, without the fear of retaliation.