Beach Walk Audio 8 – Competition and Hidden Rules

beachwalkaudio graphicNot rain not wind will keep us from going out paddling on Aloha Friday!

Competition has been in the air lately. Last Saturday was the Keiki Canoe Race (check out BW 425), American Idol winner was crowned, and our own videoblogger VlogDeathMatch music video contest winner was chosen (and not without some voting hanky panky.) As Jim and Charlie over at The Clip Show pointed out so cleverly, the rules for this contest were “Anything Goes.” (This episode is rated R.)

Knowing the real rules can really change how you play and enjoy the game. It’s not always as it appears. The “best” is subjective. And so on. Listen to the regular podcast here or listen in iTunes to see the accompanying photos in the rain.

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Hawaiian words
Huna: hidden

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  1. …it’s motivational to hear you talk about exercise; my personal challenge (or not). Paddling in warm waters with friends does sound like fun though.

    Aloha Sunday