Beach Walk 434 – Timeout by Kaile

I was reminded of the value of timeout by my 2 year old friend Kaile. She knows when to take one; I seem to wait until after I’m too tired to do much more than spew.

Lots of people believe that little children really are tapped into a deep sense of understanding about how life works, only to lose it over time in the grand socialization process. It sure does help in the relationship department, knowing when to say when.

You can see a little more of Miss Kaile in episode #351.

Hawaiian Word:
Luhi: tired

Be in Touch!


  1. …catching yourself before you loose it is a real art. Of course the pattern of behavior that builds prior to loosing it might need a little adjusting too (and that’s the more in-depth part).

    Aloha Friday!

  2. I think Kaile is just an old and very wise spirit – she rocks!

    aloha friday and happy long weekend!

  3. I was very proud of myself for doing exactly this a couple of days ago… and consciously inhibiting the habitual response that would have ended up in a massive argument about work & money when both my wife and I were very tired & stressed. I stopped before I started, and took a time out – and when we came back together at the end of the day, it was all good and we could talk about it normally.
    So often when i watch, it seems that you say things that are directly relevant to stuff that i’m going through. What you said about the opportunity of consciousness – that when we become aware of things, we can change what we do and how we do it… this is something that i’m focussing on a lot at the moment (and hopefully continuously in the future), as I’m just starting training in the Alexander Technique. It’s hard. From where do you draw your inspiration for this?

  4. To all of you – please keep sending me your fine insights. I love them.

    @rupert – I hear this thing about synchronicty from so many viewers! I can only say I am not out snooping on you all but rather I believe our souls are finding each other for mutual support. I studied a little AT many years ago – very interesting mind/body work.

    My inspiration? Seemingly everywhere. I have also done a lot of reading about various religions and mindbody practices, studied channeling a little bit, a little shamanism, etc. I am just curious about how life works under the surface, and how to bring it up in for us to use in really practical ways.