Beach Walk 431 – Homage to Noodlescar

Rox tries to be half as funny as Noodelscar Bonnie up on the Pali Lookout today.

Lan and Bonnie were here for the weekend. We had a great time getting to know them, as we all revealed parts of ourselves not usually seen. Who knew that Bonnie likes tako poke (octopus with sesame oil & spices) or that Lan is so utterly polite and easy-going? As much as I love the internet, it sure is nice to hang out in “up front and personal” real time and space.


Some of our favorite Noodlescar Daily episodes:
How to wrap a banana
Wrapped Up
Response to Carl Weaver
The Queen
Death to Martian Imposters

Hawaiian words
mālamalama: enlightenment, clarity

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  1. very different…very cool. mahalo Noodelscar.

  2. …Pail Point – too funny. The lookout was also on our list of places to see on our last trip but will have to try again on a later date.

  3. Luci from Albuquerque says

    Noodlescar rules! If you haven’t checked out Bonnie wrapping a banana…or her explanation of Meowloween…do it NOW! I’m still laughing out loud!!!)

    Mahalo, Rox (and secret cameraman, too) for sharing your new friends with us.

  4. Dangnabbit!! We were planning on linking to a few of our favorite Noodlescar Daily episodes and forgot to do so in the late hours of last evening.

    I’ve updated the post with some of our Noodlescar Quick Picks.

    And be sure to watch/subscribe to Noodlescar this week as they are doing a week of their favorites.

  5. Yay!!! That was such a fun show!

    Editing was right-on in Noodle Scar style. Rox, you are a fantastic Noodler.

    We had such a great time during our stay, we will be back to Oahu for sure.

  6. Aww, what a nice montage at the end. 🙂 We have to go back. Those pictures made me miss the island already. It was really fun filming with you guys, and this turned out really great! I wish we had time for outtakes on Noodlescar Daily.

  7. Someday I too will join you on the island.

  8. @Clintus – book that trip and send us your itinerary!