Beach Walk Audio 7 – Making Sense of Nonsense

beachwalkaudio graphicTodays’ audio was recorded beach front in Waikiki at sunset.

We were in the newly remodeled “Beach Walk” area of Waikiki (no relationship to our Beach Walks!) We were discussing several of the aspects of this multi-million dollar renovation and how the brilliant minds and big budgets approved a few of the aspects.

P.S. No enhanced podcast today.

Hawaiian words
Noʻonoʻo kūpono: common sense
ʻAno ʻole: nonsense

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  1. …would have loved to have seen some forethought with the area between and adjacent to the Moana Surfrider and The Royal Hawaiian hotels – seeems ripe to have built a park-like theme, with maybe only 2 story structures with restaurants and high-end shops and lots of tropical plants.

    However the reality is probably more like it’s impossible to get all the property owners and developers in alignment – the first rule of business is to make money, so my artsie-fartsie vision would probably never even make a list…

    No matter (ooh, a little local talk sneaked in there), Waikiki is super nice, great energy, and the locals are totally friendly (something I was a little suspect of).

    I plan to come back as many times as possible – I think I’ve found my new home-way-from-home!

    Mahalo Rox – love the audio podcasts!

  2. JFSD, I think we could all learn a bit from Las Vegas. What does that mean? I have no idea, but I want to go there. Maybe you could change your name to Jonnie from Hawaii JFH.

  3. Dr. Trey, LV is a great business model, hard to duplicate because gambling is legal there. Hawai’i is so diverse and the single draw ‘the weather’ is hard to profit on. If native Hawaiians could pull off the gambling casinos like the native Americans, that would be a plus, and if Disney came in with a them park and made it a destination for one of their cruises, that would be another. Both of those take old Hawai’i further and further away from her roots. Sad but true, eh?

  4. I am sure there are plenty who would like to bring LV here. Curiously enough Hawaiians love LV and there are several nonstops between here and there every day! until we started having inter-island fare wars, it could actually be cheaper to go from honolulu to vegas for a long weekend than to a neighbor island!

    For my part, LV is great – let’s keep it where it is! Hawaii is great – let’s keep it Hawaii!

  5. I’ll be hated for my thoughts on this matter, but I really would like to see gambling legalized in Hawai’i. Would I still go to vegas, probably yes, but considering that local folk head off to vegas so much, I would love to see the money stay here. Sorry folks, that’s just how i feel.