Beach Walk 428 – Hawaiian-style Friends

Trying out a new mic today. A bit too sensitive this one. Picked up too much ambient sound and so even these small breaks on the beach are too loud. More experiments tomorrow.

My good friend Alana sent me an email with a list of differences between “friends” and “Hawaiian friends.” It really rang true for me! In short, in Hawaii friends are open-hearted, not at all formal, very intimate both emotionally and physically, and will be there for the long haul. It’s rather different than “fair-weather friends” I talked about in Beach Walk #387. I am happy to have both, and my preference is Hawaiian style.

As is typical, there were no credits on the email, but a big mahalo to whomever wrote that list! A big hug awaits Alana for sending this my way. And here are some virtual hugs to my online friends, new and old:
Jim Kirks, Jen and Kent, Mindy Clark, Eclectic Journeys, Doctor Trey,, Joe Cascio, Ryanne & Jay, and Zadi & Steve.

Hawaiian words
Hoaaloha: friend

Be in Touch!


  1. Big hug right back atchya! your videos look *great* in blip’s new player, too.

  2. In my house, we grew up hugging and kissing family and friends, but were fairly reserved with strangers.

    In fact my Mom often commented she liked the fact our driveway didn’t face the neighbor’s house and she didn’t have to greet or be greeted when she left and arrived home.

    I have a hard time when people just show up (at my cube at work and here at home) – I’m usually doing something to some sort of schedule and the distraction throws me off.

    And that’s something I would like to change; which means probably a different perspective on my part about getting things done to a time and date, or being able to adjust my tasks in real time without stressing out (or both).


  3. Do viewer comments need to be reviewed and approved before posting? My last comment disappeared.

  4. @steve: thanks to zadi it does!

    @jonnie: i found your comment in the spam folder. no idea why! mahalo for mentioning it so i could go retrieve it. and yes, i know very well, those drop ins can be disruptive. i’ve toyed with having a flag or something but mostly I love it when friends stop by.

  5. Phillip in LA says

    I definitely am a Hawaiian friend. I naturally like to hug to greet people as well. I felt a little reluctant and drew back at first from hugging you when I finished talking to you at the Podcast expo last year but was glad to see you think the same way as me.

    I’ve found a few people that try to appear to be Hawaiian friends to the naked eye but do the opposite when you actually meet them.

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  7. i would like that u add hawaii endearment with hawaiian accent in your video to learn more about hawaii.
    thank u

  8. Sounds like I would fit right in over there.


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