Beach Walk 427 – 80-20 Rule Revisited

We sacrificed some sound quality to bring you into the beautiful water with us. It went along well with the topic anyway, the Beach Walks version of the 80-20 rule! Look “deep” and you might get a glimpse of Secret Cameraman.

How flexible are you in balancing productivity with pleasure? How do you break the energy when you get in a funk?

Shout outs to CC Chapman and Chris Brogan who helped inspire this episode.

Hawaiian words
Makemakika: math
Hoʻonui: to enlarge, multiply

Be in Touch!


  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Priceless! Was laughing out loud at your podcast today…SC upside down, Lexi doing ongoing circles behind you and then your comment “shake up your world” immediately prior to your face being broadsided with a wave! Yes, guess I’ll have to rewind and catch everything you said. You lost me after the wave surprise… 🙂 Thanks again for a very great start to my day. Have a fine one yourself.

  2. My first time watching the show and I’ve got to say I’m hooked.

    So much so I just recorded a video response to this episode at if you are curious

  3. SCM and CC – you should give .mac a try. I love its ability to keep all my bookmarks and calendars and address books synced as well as having a remote backup system. Its also cool that with my iDisk that sits on my desktop, I can just drag and drop stuff over there and wala! ..I have access to it it all from any of my other computers. Kinda pricey, but its all nicely put together and always reliable – just like everything else from Apple.

    My 80/20 was after a recent company buyout and no longer having access to the outside world via IM or email from our work computers – I went out and bought this MacBook and use WiFi now at work. Sure, I may spend some more personal time than others chatting or keeping intouch with the outside world but at least I havent left the company like others have. Its all about balance.


  4. lol.. at lexi swimming in the background…

  5. @susan and @jen: lexi was definitely wanting her “face time” and no matter how many times I watch her in the water, it never ceases to bring me a smile.
    @CC – so glad to see you here; we love your shows and LMK if you want a few suggestions for favorite past episodes.
    @peter – we love dot mac and how cool that you can use your personal computer at work!

  6. I’ve enjoyed your video blogs for a few months now. I found you while reaching Kailua before moving here. It has been 1 1/2 months since arriving in paradise, and I don’t regret making a major move to rid myself of a major funk. Thank you your positive spin on owning your life and the decisions you make. You have been a great inspiration!

  7. @peter: As Rox wrote, long time .Mac users here. And I love that other applications I rely on like Transmit, Yojimbo and iGTD also sync to my .Mac account.

    Keeping email accounts, Keychains, and bookmarks all synced is also the only way I can work in Hawaii and New Mexico.

    What Rox was referring to were things like Quicksilver, TextExpander, and other quick key combinations provided by apps that don’t sync. I almost can’t use a computer that doesn’t have Quicksilver!!

  8. Lexi cracks me up….swimming in circles behind you! Too funny.

  9. SoCalGal says

    Watching Lexi gives me an 80-20 moment! I swear I see her smiling as she dog paddles (what a swimmer, that one).

    I was watching Chris Orwig, a photographer and instructor at, give a creativity interlude tip on a similar topic. Let your passions free yourself rather than limit yourself. For example, don’t get so enamored with the photo gear that you don’t enjoy the perfect picture that you happened upon without your camera. So what if you don’t have all your computer equipment with you. Enjoy the freedom.


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