Beach Walk 426 – Survivors Letting Go

A beautiful day on the beach to talk about letting go.

I have been fascinated watching the slow development of some form of consciousness on the TV show, Survivor. The players are increasingly open and co-operative with each other, and willing to negotiate knowing what they do or don’t have to offer. The exception this year for me was the jury, almost all of whom acted with tremendous immaturity!

Hawaiian words
kuʻu: to let go

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  1. Hey Rox, I loved Survivor up thru the All Star version, when basically Rob got a very overrated Amber the title. Just my 2 cents but Amber was no better than a 3rd choice behind Colleen Season 1 and Elizabeth Filarski Hasselback. Sorry but I got tired of the same egos after All Star and the only one I watch now is Amazing Race. 54 years young? I thought you were well under my 47.